Patron Saint

[Saint Spyridon]
Saint Spyridon

Saint Spyridon was born in Cyprus about the end of the third century of a wealthy pastoral family. He spent his youth mainly by educating himself and helping his father in his pastoral duties. By nature, he was mild, compassionate, optimistic, and brave.

After entering adulthood, he married a devout young lady and acquired children who were raised “ in the teachings and warning of the Lord.” His wife, however, died at a young age and from then on he dedicated his life to the service of our Lord.

Saint Spyridon was ordained a priest and later a bishop of the Trimython Diocese of Cyprus. As bishop, be was distinguished for his love for his spiritual flock, for his struggle in the name of Orthodoxy, for his warm faith in God, and the simplicity and holiness of his life.

He showed his love toward his flock with charitable acts a frequent journeys to all parts of his diocese on foot.

He participated in the First Ecumenical Synod, where according to tradition, with the three components of brick — fire, water and earth – he indicated the three hypostases of the Divinity.

With his warm faith and his holiness he became famous as a miracle worker. Many are the miracles which are attributed to him, among them being the resurrection of a little girl.

After his death, Saint Spyridon's body remained whole. It was removed from his native land to Constantinople and later to the Greek island Corfu where it lies intact even today

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