Parish Ministries

We welcome you to learn about and consider joining some of our parish ministries. There are many great ways to get involved.

Parish Council

The Parish Council is composed of faithful men and women who are dedicated Orthodox Christians and who sacrifice their time, talents, and resources for the Church. We represent the parish, as clergy and laity together, and seek to fulfill the mission ascribed to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Learn More »


In the Eastern Orthodox Church, acolytes assist the higher clergy during services. They might carry the cross, candles or liturgical fans in processions and entrances. Altar service is open to all Orthodox Christian boys second grade and older, who would like to learn more about our Divine Liturgy services and how to serve in the altar during Liturgical services. Participants must possess a sense of reverence, respect and an eagerness to learn and serve. Altar servers are led by adult volunteers. We have altar boy training every fall. Learn More »

Church School

The Church School program fosters spiritual learning through age-appropriate lessons, which may include an introduction to church feasts, fasts and liturgical practices, prayers, Bible stories, crafts and projects, and liturgical songs. Father and our teachers invite your children to participate in Sunday School each Sunday during the regular school year. All classes (except preschool nursery) begin after Holy Communion, and end at 12:00 pm. Ages include preschool through High School. All families are strongly encouraged to participate. Come learn, grow, and worship with us. Learn More »

Greek School

Our Greek School offers programs designed for children and adults, and serves all levels of language competence. Even if you don't speak a word of Greek, come and join us. It is never too late to learn. The Greek school teachers offer creative programs for you and your family which not only teach students about their language skills, but about Greek history and Orthodoxy too.  Greek School begins in September. Learn More »

Music Ministry

Music plays an integral role in the liturgical life of the Orthodox Church. A chanter is a layperson who leads the congregation in the chanting of responses and hymns in the services of the Church, in the traditional Byzantine fashion. The Chanters of our community lead us in the chanting of the hymns of the service of Matins and Vespers in addition to many of the other sacraments of the Church. Learn more about the music for the Divine Liturgy, Vespers, Orthros, and other services. Learn More »

Youth Ministry

We believe that the Goal of Orthodox Christian Youth Ministry is the integration of each young person fully into the total life of the Church. We believe that Orthodox Christians must commit themselves to living the Orthodox Faith daily. Worship, Witness, Service and Fellowship are the natural expressions of that commitment. An integral aspect of our parish life is that of the youth ministry. Our youth is our future. It is only through our youth that the traditions and practices of our Orthodox faith will be kept alive in the generations to follow. It is therefore essential that we exert every effort to nurture our youth in the knowledge of our faith. To this end, we have implemented several age appropriate programs which were developed by the Department of Youth of our Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, all which encompass the four circles of our Orthodox faith. These circles are: Liturgia (Worship), Koinonia (Fellowship), Diakonia (Service), and Martyria (Witness). Learn More »


The Philoptochos Society, "Love for the Poor", is the philanthropic arm of the Greek Orthodox Church. The Philoptochos voluntarily aids the poor, the destitute, the hungry, the aged, the sick, the unemployed, the orphaned, the imprisoned, the widowed, the handicapped, victims of disasters as well as to undertake the burial of impoverished persons and to offer assistance to anyone who may need the help of the Church. If you have not joined, please consider doing so. As always, Philoptochos welcomes new members. Learn More »