Holy Week at the Patriarchate of Constantinople 1961

The Laura Boulton Collection of Byzantine and Orthodox Music represents Boulton's field work throughout the Eastern Orthodox world during the 1950s and 1960s. It includes sound recordings, accompanying documentation, and numerous ancillary materials.  Her collection is housed in Harvad Libray.

Laura Boulton Collection of Byzantine and Orthodox Music

In 1961, Laura Boulton travelled to Constantinople and recorded services from Holy Thursday Evening until the Vespers of Agape.  At that time Athenagoras was Patriarch of Constantinople.  The right chanter (Ἄρχων Προτοψάλτης) is Thrasyvoulas Stanitsas and the left chanter (Λαμπαδάριος) is Nikolaos Danihlidis.  This is Byzantine Chanting at its best.

Holy Week Services recorded at Saint George Patriarchal Church, Constantinople, April 6-9, 1961

Click on the Audio files below to listen:

AWM_RL_15015_1 (Holy Thursday Evening until Ote oi Endoxoi)

AWM_RL_15015_2 (Holy Thursday Evening To 3rd Gospel) 

AWM_RL_15015_3 (Holy Thursday Evening To 6th Gospel) 

AWM_RL_15015_4 (Holy Thursday Evening To Exaposteilarion) 

The following ends with Stanitsas chanting Edi vaptetai but Laura needed to change reels here and unfortunately there is a small part missing:

AWM_RL_15015_5 (Holy Thursday Evening To Aposticha) 

AWM_RL_15015_6 (Conclusion of Holy Thursday Evening and beginning of Royal Hours) 

AWM_RL_15015_7 (Conclusion of Royal Hours and beginning of Holy Friday Vespers)

AWM_RL_15015_8 (Holy Friday Vespers to Procession)

AWM_RL_15015_9 (Conclusion of Holy Friday Vespers and beginning of Holy Saturday Orthros)

AWM_RL_15015_10 (Holy Saturday Orthros Canon to beginning of 3rd Lamentations)

AWM_RL_15015_11 (Holy Saturday Orthros until Doxology)

The following error was brought to Harvard Library's attention:

AWM_RL_15015_12 is wrong, should be Conclusion Saturday Orthros of Beginning of Saturday Vespers

AWM_RL_15015_13 (Saturday Vespers from Entrance until Great Ektenis of Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil)

AWM_RL_15015_14 (Conclusion of Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil)

AWM_RL_15015_15 (Saturday Night Canon and Beginning of Resurrection Service until Exaposteilarion)

AWM_RL_15015_16 (Until Epistle Reading of Divine Liturgy)

AWM_RL_15015_17 (Until Magnificat of Divine Liturgy)

AWM_RL_15015_18 (Concludes Divine Liturgy and beginning of Agape Vespers until Kateuthinthito)

AWM_RL_15015_19 (Agape Vespers until Gospel Reading in English)

Listen to Stanitsas and the Choir chant the Gospel in Homeric Greek with Heroic Exameter rhythm, thereby proclaiming the Gospel of the Resurrection to the Ancient Greeks:

AWM_RL_15015_20 (Agape Vespers Gospel Readings)

AWM_RL_15015_21 (Concludes Agape Vespers)